Culture Board


The board ensures to offer diverse cultural events, ensures to safeguard traditional values and to realize cultural education processes; along side offering residents productive and innovative ways to spend their spare-time in Riga.

Main Functions

Establishes priorities within the cultural field;
Develops Riga City Council cultural event calendar and coordinates institutions’ yearly calendars;
Develops proposals regarding the creation, reorganization, liquidation of subordinate facilities, and submits optimization proposals for their network and infrastructure development;
Fosters development of cultural industry;
Coordinates the creation, promotion and conservation of cultural values within cultural institutions;
Insures the continuation of the Song and Dance Festival by ensuring the operation of state created professional and amateur artistic collective;
Coordinates amateur collective operation and organizes shows, contests and festivals within this field;
Oversees professional education and other educational program licensing;
Guarantees occurrence and formation of the Republic of Latvia holidays, remembrance, memorial, and noteworthy days, as well as traditional holidays and other significant events in Riga;
Coordinates international cultural communication with Riga Sister Cities and institutions abroad; as well as ensures the cooperation and participation of state run institutions and amateur collectives in international projects;
Prepares and submits proposals regarding European Union Structure Funds and state financing allocation.


Culture Board
Telephone: +371 67043666