Education Board


The board develops and realizes Municipality of Riga politics in general education field by ensuring opportunities to obtain elementary, basic, and general secondary education in Riga’s administrative catchment area.

Main Functions

Establishes priorities within the general education field;
Submits proposals regarding the creation, reorganization, liquidation of Municipality of Riga education facilities, as well as optimization of education institution network;
Oversees the realization of educational institution development;
Fosters an international cooperation of Riga City Council regulated establishments; oversees the department’s European Union and outside sourced financing financed projects;
Coordinates and organizes educational events in cooperation with Municipality of Riga organizations, private citizens, and other state institutions;
Cooperates with and offers analytical aid to private education institutions in Riga;
Promotes the education of preventative healthcare within all Department education institutions;
Organizes advisory assistance regarding pedagogical-psychological and social issue resolution within educational institutions;
Manages and oversees the operation of State Pedagogical Medical Commission;
Ensures the inclusion of learners with special needs in general education institutions;
Oversees education of children suffering from long-term illnesses outside of Board overseen education institutions;
Ensures compliance with children’s rights and obligations as well as their safety throughout education institutions;
Ensures the awarding of co-financing and its payment for private child care services (nannies), as well the proper utilization of these funds;
Ensures the presence and employment of medical staff and psychologists, social and special aid pedagogues, and speech therapists in Department institutions;
Ensures state examination and centralized examination, organizational support for learners’ parcipation in subject Olympiads, scientific research activities, contests, shows, and projects.


Education Board
Telephone: +371 67026816