Sports and Youth Board


The board aims to realize sport and physical activities for all residents of Riga by promoting a healthy, sport oriented and active upbringing of a generation. This board also ensures participation opportunities for children and youth within the vocational and professional sports education programs, events and competitions.

Main Functions

Analyze and prepare proposals for priorities within the sports discipline, profesional curriculum for sprots education, vocational education and youth work. It coordinates event organization for the development of sports; supports and fosters sports and recreational education along with sports’ development for residents and youth;
Develops proposals for the creation, reorganization, luiquidation and optimization of professional sport education and vocational education institutations, and Municipality of Riga sport establishments;
Coordinates a rational and effecitve implementation of all Municipality of Riga regulated sports establishments such as sport halls, sport arenas and stadiums, pools and etc., and coordinates their utilization;
Prepares and submits proposals to European Union Structural Funds and State funding acquasition;
Governs allocated money spending of non-governmental organizations, educational institution project organizers within sprot, youth work, and vocational education field;
Coordinates and monitors proffesional sports institution and vocational education programs’ realization within Municipality of Riga educational organizations. Offers analytical advice to other proffesional sports institutions and answers to questions pertaining to recreational education. Oversee educational institutions’ operation during their free-time;
Organizes financing contests for projects pertaining to youth work and sports discipline.
Coordinates the awarding of co-financing to school childrens’ activities in Riga City corporations and to State run summer holiday programs;
Ensures that both non-governmental organizations and youth can participate in youth work planning and realization;
Relizes the operation of Riga Youth Organizations Advisory Board;
Fasciliates children and youth participation in sports, recreational education and informal educational events and projects;
Supports children and youth participation in internatinal projects and coordinates international cooperation;
Fosters a healthy lifestyle and an effecticient free-time passage; coordinates and supports the development of children, youth and state sports’ competition system, including for schools and sport schools.
Organizes sport activites for its development and popularization;
Facilitates the exchange of sport deligations with Riga’s Sister cities and ensures the fullfilment of contracts within the sport field, as well as ensures the participation of Riga’s sport teams in national and international sporting events;
Motivates the inclusion of Riga athletes in national teams in order to encourage their participation in the Olympic Games, world and European championships and international competitions.


Sports and Youth Board
Telephone: + 371 67026816