Projects and Society Integration


Projects and Society Integration Division completes social integration processes facilitation and its coordination, including the participation of non-governmental organizations in Riga.

Main Functions

Coordinates subordinate institutions’ international cooperation;
Offers consultation regarding internationally cooperative, European Union funded, and externally-sourced financing fund acquisition to subordinate institutions;
Gathers and analyzes information, and offers consultation regarding the acquisition of European Union funds and externally-sourced financing; coordinates project preparation and their submission for financial procurement;
Supervises approved European Union and externally-sourced financed project implementation;
Develops programs to welcome the Department’s international cooperative partners and organizes the programs implementation;
Develops, realizes, and updates social integration programs in Riga;
Develops and coordinates support programs for social integration initiatives;
Insures support for non-governmental organizations and capacity building measures and involve non-governmental organization in Riga’s development and operation.

Projects and Society Integration Division
Telephone: +371 67181657